Dating rickenbacker 360

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Dating rickenbacker 360

A Rosewood fingerboard is inlaid with triangular Pearloid inlays, while the...

Welcome to Rickenbacker's serial number decoder page.

By the time production ceased in 1939, several thousand "frying pans" had been produced.

Electro String also sold amplifiers to go with their electric guitars.

Together with two former National employees—George Beauchamp and Paul Barth—Rickenbacker designed and marketed the first “Frying Pan” electrified lap-steel guitar. These electric guitars were slow sellers at first, but they continued to increase in popularity as the 1950s progressed.Please be aware that some instruments manufactured in the late '50s cannot be interpreted by this decoder.~ Radio's Connection to the Comstock ~ ~ Early Radio Operation in Nevada ~ ~ Arthur G. Hall, owner and president of the California-based Rickenbacker company, which is now celebrating its 85th anniversary. On February 8 at the Savoy Hilton in New York City, he showed the band several different models.“[On some] 12-strings, you spend hours trying to tune it.”Harrison’s first 360/12 was the second Rickenbacker 12-string ever made; its serial number—CM107—dates it to December 1963.

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A Los Angeles radio manufacturer named Van Nest designed the first Electro String production-model amplifier.

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