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To improve on that, Dee and his colleagues used a computerised statistical approach known as Bayesian modelling.They compiled radiocarbon dates from nearly 200 artefacts, including hair, plants and bone, from known reigns or periods during Egypt’s First Dynasty and the Predynastic period before it.The powerful civilisation of ancient Egypt took just a few centuries to build, according to a radiocarbon dating study that sets the first solid chronology for the period.Five thousand years ago, Egypt became the world’s first territorial state with strict borders, organised religion, centralised administration and intensive agriculture.But taking tusks for ivory hasn't always been illegal - a global trade ban only came into effect in 1989 - so when those policing the ban seize an ivory artifact, they need to know when it was actually taken from the animal. It helps with a particular type of radiocarbon dating, which relies on measuring the concentration of carbon-14, a radioactive isotope with a half life of about 5,700 years.Carbon-14 is produced when energetic neutrons hit nitrogen atoms; normally, these neutrons are produced when cosmic rays smash into our atmosphere.

Radiocarbon dating has previously been of limited use because dating individual objects gives ranges of up to 300 years.Actors are always chasing interesting new material, and to this day I probably turn down more than I accept.” Gross still loves talking about his most popular role of Steven Keaton on “Family Ties.” He reminds that the show didn’t take off in its first two seasons and got moved around on the schedule several times.It finally landed on NBC’s first “must see” Thursday lineup with “The Cosby Show,” “Cheers,” and “Night Court,” and the ratings skyrocketed.Regarding the show he refers to as “The Golden Girls’ of this century,” he adds, “There’s a whole new world out there; a world that did not exist in 1982 when I began ‘Family Ties.’ Remember there was no such thing as the internet and there were only three channels on television: ABC, CBS and NBC.Now there are hundreds of places to put content but as usual, 95% of it is not worth watching.

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